Love That Lasts Small Groups

The 12 Big Topics We Struggle through, Avoid,
or Simply Don’t Know What to Do With


The Love That Lasts Experience is a 12-week journey that covers the 12 most important topics in every relationship. It includes hundreds of years’ worth of experienced teaching from husbands and wives who are experts, doctors, marriage counselors, pastors and couples we respect and look up to. This journey features interactive guidebooks that will provoke individual reflection and conversation as you discover how to create a love that lasts, together.



Everyone enters into marriage with false presumptions and unrealistic expectations about what it will be. We’ve all seen the pain that comes and ripples out as a result of failed relationships.

Divorce. Broken families.

The hard questions matter and we’ve got to be able to work through them together. We’ve got to be able to face the fact that, just maybe, we don’t have it all figured out on our own.

It’s time to learn and to grow in love, service and connection. We knew that if we were going to work towards a love that lasts, we’d need to ask for help. We wanted help that is rooted in a wisdom, experience and love.



  • Love That Lasts is a unique invitation to experience guided teaching, interactive discussion and even a tad bit of humility. All of us acknowledge we’ve got a lot to learn – together – about what it means to build a lifelong marriage.
  • Love That Lasts takes small groups past the niceties and straight into intentional discussion about the 12 topics that are holding your marriage back from its full potential.
  • Love That Lasts offers you hundreds of years’ worth of wisdom from 12 marriage counselors, experts, doctors, pastors, trusted friends and mentors.
  • Love That Lasts will challenge your preconceptions of what makes for a healthy relationship, but it will also give you the tools and direction to discover God’s way for love and marriage.



  • This journey creates a safe, personable place for authentic growth and conversation.
  • It is not just another marriage counseling or self-help program – it’s something you get to experience together with others who want to enrich their relationships.
  • Interactive learning is the perfect way to encourage and be encouraged and provides tangible, hands-on opportunity to practice love, service and connection.
  • Creates relationships that aren’t afraid to go anywhere together – whether in conversation or in life – so that you can experience a depth of love rooted in trust and confidence.
  • Grace-filled opportunities to learn from the wisdom of people who want to see your marriage overflowing with love that lasts.


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