Get Started

We are so excited that you are taking part in the Love That Lasts Experience!

Here is a short summary to explain where to start and go next as to ensure the smoothest and easiest experience for you. We realize that some of you might have purchased the whole Love That Lasts Experience and others have bought different pieces separately, so we will explain how we designed this experience and provide links to all the pieces, in case you need to pick something else up.

We created the Love That Lasts Experience to be a 12-week journey through 12 essential ways to a Love That Lasts. If you purchased the whole experience, then you get:

  • Two guidebooks written by Alyssa and I.
  • A 12-part video series where we interviewed 12 different married couples who are experts on particular subjects.
  • Our new book that inspired this whole thing titled Love That Lasts. (Love That Lasts book shipped separately)

If you have any particular questions about any of the 5 things above, find the corresponding section below for more details and how to purchase each of them separately.

12-Part Marriage Mentor Video Series

*This is not a DVD, but a video series you access on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You have access to all of them immediately. Simply head over to and sign into your workshop. If you have purchased other video workshops from us in the past, your video course will show up in your library. If you have never purchased a video workshop from us, look for an email in your inbox within 24 hours of your purchase that will invite you into our video dashboard (it will come from “Bethke Workshops” or “Kajabi”). You will see all 12 videos for Love That Lasts. Feel free to watch one a week, binge watch all of them or bounce around from topic to topic. You have access to these forever, so if you want to go back and watch some later, feel free. If you never got the email invite there is a great chance it went to your junk mail folder in your inbox. Here is all you have to do: Visit – , enter your email and instantly you will receive a new password. Make sure you use the same email address you made the purchase with.

*If you purchased the books on Amazon and didn’t get the videos in your package. You can click here to purchase the videos. Use the code “videoseries” for 25% off.

The Guidebooks

You will be sent 2 guidebooks (one for men and one for women) and could take about 10 days to get to you. You could go through the guidebooks without the videos, but we designed them to go alongside the videos as they follow the very same topics that the videos cover.

Inside your Love That Lasts Experience video dashboard (which can be found by logging in at, you will see before you even get to the videos a post called “Digital Downloads”. You can download the two guidebooks inside the dashboard and have them digitally if you want to get started before you receive the physical books.

*To purchase more copies of the guidebooks click here.


The Love That Lasts book

This is the book that started this whole experience. We worked on this book for 2 years and it lead to creating the whole experience. 

*To purchase more copies of Love That Lasts book, click the link.


A few other quick items & reminders:

  1. Your books take about a week to get to you, but digital downloads are in your dashboard. You get the digital downloads if you ordered one of the video packages.
  2. You have full access to the videos now.
  3. If you need to update your shipping address or have any issues with your order, please contact us here –
  4. If you just need to reset your password or get a login for the video dashboard, please go here
  5. If you want to do this experience as a small group, we have small group kit that is good for groups of 10 people that come with everything-click here

Thanks again! So excited for you all who are going to experience this. Let us know how it is going. Use #lovethatlasts on social or @jeffersonbethke and @alyssajoybethke on social.

Jeff and Alyssa