Love That Lasts Book Bundle

The complete Love That Lasts Experience has been specifically designed to include all five components of the package. However, if you are only interested in the guidebooks and October’s Love That Lasts book release, this package is also available (your guidebooks will ship immediately and you will receive the final book when it releases this Fall).

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The Guidebooks

  • A guided journey through the 12 Essential Ways To a Love That Lasts.
  • Love That Lasts for Men and Love That Lasts for Women guidebooks which are interactive, journal-themed guidebooks for individual writing and couple’s conversation.

The Book

Coming October 10, 2017. You will get it in the mail the day it releases!

  • Look forward to the final piece of the Love That Lasts Experience, on your doorstep, as soon as it releases this fall.
  • Continue the journey into the fulfilling truth of what love and marriage is designed to be like and experience God’s purpose for you in yours.
  • Learn through biblical teaching and personal storytelling that draws from two completely different backgrounds. Jeff’s “Prodigal Son” past and Alyssa’s “True Love Waits” experience, coming together as one.

Love That Lasts Experience

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