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12 Essential Ways To a Love That Lasts

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12 Essential Ways To A Love That Lasts

Hey! Jeff (and Alyssa) here.

We’ve answered some of your questions since we got married four years ago, but until now, we’ve never taken the time to sit down and get to the essential ways to make a lifelong marriage possible. Alyssa and I want a healthy, vibrant relationship as much as the people who ask us how to have one. We’re excited to invite you into on our personal journey to discover how to make that possible.


Over two years in the making.

We’ve been working together for over two years on an experience called the 12 Essential Ways To a Love That Lasts, which is a 12-week relationship journey that covers the 12 essential ways to have a Love That Lasts. Alyssa wrote a guidebook for women and I wrote a guidebook for men. We each wrote out of our own experience and share what we’ve learned. In each guidebook, there is space for personal writing and reflection and conversation questions for you to discuss with one another afterward.

Now, you may be wondering: “You’ve only been married four years, what do you know?”

Valid question and kind of funny; we sort of agree! Alyssa and I have realized that we haven’t discovered the answers on our own, but through the wisdom and encouragement we’ve received from our mentors and older, married couples that we are privileged enough to know.

As a part of this journey, we reached out to our “Top 12” couples. These are husbands and wives who are experts, doctors, marriage counselors and pastors whom we respect and look up to. We invited them to share their advice with us, some of which has literally changed the course of our marriage (for the best!). We believe it will do the same for you. We’re including each couples’ wisdom as a 12-video course to go along with the guidebooks Alyssa and I wrote together.

We’ve got a lot to learn, too. You’re right, four years isn’t that long. We wanted to make sure that if we are going to share this part of our lives with you, it is rooted in truth and experience. The best teachers are lifelong learners, which is why we asked these 12 mentors who add almost 200 years of collective learning experience to help us speak to the most essential ways for developing a Love That Lasts.

This journey is an invitation to you-young or old, single or married, newlywed or a decade in, with or without children-to come with us and experience all the joy that God has to give through love and marriage.

We’re excited to invite you into on our personal journey to discover how to make that possible.

See you on the journey,

Jeff & Alyssa

This book took Alyssa and I two years to write. It’s raw, gritty, vulnerable, and most of all it’s our story. It was the catalyst for the entire Love That Lasts Experience.

More Than a Book

Going through 12 Essential Ways To a Love That Lasts For Men and Women
with your significant other will:

Bring you and your spouse together.

Give you tools and practical ways transform your relationship.

Will enhance your relationship with your partner.

Help you communicate with each other like better than ever.

Could be the best investment you ever make for your marriage.

The Love That Lasts Experience includes

  • Love That Lasts for Men and Love That Lasts for Women guidebooks.
  • 12 video lessons by our marriage mentors on the 12 essential ways.
  • Our brand new Love That Lasts book

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12 Essential Ways (Topics)


There’s no way around it, money can be a messy thing in a marriage, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to approach the subject of finances in ways that celebrate your differences rather than pitting you against one another.


He has a calling and she has a calling-what does it look like to combine them within your marriage? Every marriage has to struggle through the combining of dreams, goals, callings and purpose. Learn God’s purpose in joining two together as one, including his plans for you.


Simply put, the topic of sex will be a lifelong conversation. Luckily, it’s worth the work, wouldn’t you agree? Learn how to be comfortable with vulnerability and understand one another’s desires in a way that cultivates intimacy.


Everyone’s parents raised them differently and everyone comes into marriage with different ideas on how to raise their children. Understand how to come together and parent as a team.

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The Mentors


Craig & Amy Groeschel

On Faith

Dave & Ashley Willis

On Boundaries

Les & Leslie Parrott

On Conflict

Jeff & Shaunti Feldhahn

On Communication

Willie & Korie Robertson

On Parenting

Derwin & Vicki Gray

On The Theology of Marriage

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Love That Lasts for Men and Love That Lasts for Women guidebooks

12 video lessons by our marriage mentors on 12 essential ways

Our brand new Love That Lasts book

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Cost Comparison

Investing in your relationship can be expensive, but this could be the best investment for your marriage.




$200 a session


$144 one time cost, with lifetime access


Our 12-Week Love That Lasts
Experience Includes

When you join the Love That Lasts Experience, you’ll receive


  • A guided journey through the 12 essential ways to a Love That Lasts.
  • Love That Lasts for Men and Love That Lasts for Women guidebooks which are interactive, journal-themed guidebooks for individual writing and couple’s conversation
  • Follow along with the video sessions as you work through each topic and challenge together.


  • Watch and see the transforming power of Love That Lasts in the lives of couples on their own journey.
  • Listen in on hope-filled discussions about the 12 most essential ways related to creating a healthy, vibrant relationship.
  • Be encouraged by our Marriage Mentors with almost 200 years’ worth of collective wisdom from 12 marriage counselors, experts, doctors, pastors, trusted friends and mentors.


  • Continue the journey into the fulfilling truth of what love and marriage is designed to be like and experience God’s purpose for you in yours.
  • Learn through biblical teaching and personal storytelling that draws from two completely different backgrounds. Jeff’s “Prodigal Son” past and Alyssa’s “True Love Waits” experience, coming together as one.


  • No journey is meant to be taken alone, walk it together with other couples who are going through the same experience as you are.
  • Be encouraged to keep pressing through difficult conversations and into a Love That Lasts by others who are doing the same.
  • Interact directly with us on that page as we would love to engage with couple’s, answer questions and make ourselves available to you.

This Experience Will Enhance Your Relationship With Your Partner


Frequently Asked Questions

We Want our Couples to Feel Well-Informed, Safe and Cared for During Their Experience

1Is Love That Lasts Experience a one-time fee or billed monthly?

All our packages are one time fee. The main package is $144 which breaks down to $12 a week for all 12 weeks, but it is billed one time, up front.

2Is there any long-term commitment?

No. You have access to all the materials for as long as you would like. We do not offer refunds on the packages since we mail out all the materials up front.

3What will I receive each week?

Since you paid in full, you will receive all modules immediately. We designed this experience to be a 12-week course, but you have access to everything up front and can take your time with it or experience it in a shorter period at your own pace.

4What should I expect to receive in the mail?

As soon as you place your order we will ship the Love That Lasts guidebooks and Love That Lasts book. You will receive an email after your purchase, which will give you lifetime access to the 12 video modules through our video dashboard.

5Is my billing & credit card information safe?

Absolutely. Love That Lasts is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

6If I get busy and miss a week, can I still get the materials?

Yes. Each week’s materials are rolled out at once. If you don't have the time to complete the module, you can simply login to your dashboard when you have time.

7Is this only for married people?

No. While this is primarily written for anyone who is married we also wrote it with seriously dating and engaged couples in mind. For
example, if Alyssa and I saw this when we were dating we totally would have
gotten it.

What People Say

“This experience has been transformational in our relationship! It has helped us to learn so much more about ourselves and each other in the process. Easily the most impactful and worthwhile investment we’ve made as a couple. ”


“My fiancé and I went straight from pre-marital counseling into the 12 Essential Ways to a Love That Lasts experience and we’re so thankful for the opportunity before getting married this fall! It’s such a blessing to not only learn from Jeff & Alyssa’s life experience but from other couples in their “areas of specialty” as well – we’ll take all the wisdom we can get!”


“We started this experience because after 7 years of marriage we were stuck in only caring for our children and day to day activities and not actively working on or marriage. We are already communicating so much better than we previously have, as well as being more considerate of each other”


“This experience has enhanced our journey with each other. The videos are a raw and authentic resource. We love the viewpoints from both a woman and man’s perspective. We feel like Jeff and Alyssa are right in our living room with us mentoring each step of the way. ”